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pregnant woman with dog

Studio Maternity Session | Jennifer

What you wear isn’t what makes a photo special. My studio maternity photography clients often ask me what they should bring and how they should dress when they come in. My answer every time? Wear what makes you feel the most beautiful, and skip whatever makes you uncomfortable. My maternity wardrobe is designed to do just that — every dress is beautiful and comfortable.

Jennifer wasn’t shy about wearing exactly what made her feel and look the most beautiful. I loved her wardrobe picks, but I did convince her to try out one of the newest additions to my closet: this black bodysuit.

pregnant woman black body suit

Here’s some inspo for your next studio maternity, and a reminder that your maternity photos should be all about you and what makes you shine!

Jennifer & Special Guest Jack!

Your maternity photos are unique, so I always want to make sure they include everyone you want to include. Sometimes, moms want to go solo in their studio maternity shots. More often than not, moms will include their partners and children in their shots, as well.

pregnant woman sweater and panties

Unfortunately, Jennifer’s partner had just had knee surgery a few days before her maternity photoshoot, so he couldn’t make it. He couldn’t even stand up, poor guy! So, we took many of her pregnancy photos solo, but she had a special guest that lit up the room when he came in.

pregnant woman with dog

Meet Jack!

Jack is the soon-to-be older brother in the family, and he was an absolute delight to have in the studio. He was well-behaved, listened to Jennifer, and the way they interacted made for some adorable photos. It helps to have someone in the studio with you (even just for a morale boost). Jack certainly rallied and supplied the morale since Jennifer’s partner couldn’t make it!

pregnant woman with dog

Studio Maternity + A Touch Of Home

Some studio maternity clients love to get dressed up for their sessions. It’s always fun to see how people envision glamour and beauty. It’s different from one person to the next. I always let clients have as much free reign with their wardrobe choices as is possible because I firmly believe the outfits we are comfortable with are the ones we feel most self-confident in. Comfort is essential in studio maternity shots because it helps you shine. 

pregnant woman sweater and panties

And Jennifer definitely shone throughout her session.

pregnant woman white shirt

One of my favorite outfits Jennifer brought was the button-up and jean combo above. We used the button-up to accent her belly bump in these photos. The bright white of the shirt and the subtle shadows of the background were a perfect pairing for belly highlights.

pregnant woman holding her belly with sweater on

This crop cardigan was also super fun to work with!

It’s officially sweater season in Cedar Park, so including a sweater in her maternity session made a lot of sense. Honestly the texture worked so well to accent her baby bump. In pictures like the one above, where she is cradling her stomach, Jennifer’s sweater gently frames her natural pregnancy curves.

pregnant woman photoshoot

And the results were stunning without going over-the-top. Jennifer looks like a supermodel proudly showing off her pregnancy!

A Little Bit Of Glamor

Of course, Jennifer did do some pre-maternity photo prep by getting her hair and make done by Betty at Salt and Waves Salon in Leander, Texas. I loved her makeup job, because her smoky eye and neutral blush and lip really went well with her outfit choices. It looked good with her personal wardrobe, and when I convinced her to give my newest wardrobe piece a try, it also went perfectly.

pregnant woman black body suit

Jennifer rocked this simple but elegant black maternity bodysuit. We used this white background a lot in her photos, and it honestly just paired so well with her bodysuit shots, especially when it came to her black and white shots.

pregnant woman black body suit black and white

I’m grateful to Jennifer for the creativity, beauty, and joy she and Jack brought to her maternity session. It was a lot of fun getting to work with them.


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