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Family Studio Maternity | Madeline

A Rainbow of Hope: Capturing Madeline’s Maternity Session

Photography has the incredible power to capture life’s most precious moments. Madeline Frost, a talented photographer from the San Antonio area, has spent years capturing the stories of other moms-to-be through her lens. Today, we turn the spotlight on her, as she embarks on a remarkable journey towards motherhood once again. Madeline’s maternity session, filled with love, laughter, and a rainbow of hope, is a testament to the power of maternity photography, and I was so pleased to have been able to shoot this family studio maternity session for her. World, meet Madeline!

studio maternity photography featuring a woman in a sparkly bodysuit laying on her back. There is a water-like reflection under her.

A Friendship Born in Creativity

Years ago, Madeline and I crossed paths at a wedding-style shoot, we were united by our shared passion for photography. Little did we know that this chance encounter would blossom into a beautiful friendship. I made a promise to her that I would do her maternity photos if she ever got pregnant again. Sure enough, we ended up here in the maternity studio this year!

compilation of studio maternity photos featuring a pregnant woman in a flowing silver gown with puffy sleeves.

Madeline’s Journey

Madeline’s journey towards motherhood took her through many trials. Her desire to expand her family was met with the heartache of miscarriage– a daughter, Olivia. The pain of this loss has been a thread that bound us, as we both have navigated the challenging path of healing after a miscarriage.

a compilation of studio family maternity session photos featuring a woman in a long silver gown and a man in a white button-up and black pants.

With time, Madeline and her husband, Sterling, tried again for a baby, which led her to my studio! This rainbow baby, a symbol of hope and beauty after the storm of pregnancy loss. To honor that, we incorporated a rainbow fabric into her maternity session. We’ll showcase that later on.

color studio family maternity photos featuring a teen son and husband on either side of a pregnant woman in a black gown.

Madeline is also a loving mother to her older son, Isaiah, who is now a teenager, learning to drive.

Capturing the Joy: Madeline’s Maternity Session

As Madeline embarked on her maternity session, we decided to keep the vibe light and fun. The connection between photographer and subject is vital in capturing genuine moments, and we wanted the experience to be as joyful as the occasion.

Color maternity photo featuring a woman in a sparkly body suit laying on her back.

Madeline, the epitome of grace and elegance, donned a sparkly bodysuit that had recently been added to my collection. It was a stunning choice that perfectly accentuated her radiant beauty. The sparkle and shine of the bodysuit reflected her personality completely.

We also got to do some more pensive, reflective photos.

three black and white photos featuring a side profile of a woman. The photos are dramatically lit.

During the session, Madeline and Sterling connected their favorite playlist to my speaker, filling the studio with music that resonated with us all. Laughter and smiles were the soundtrack to their maternity session, creating a warm and lively atmosphere.

A Glimpse Into Our Heartfelt Family Studio Maternity Session

Here are some of the heartfelt moments captured during Madeline’s maternity session:

Studio maternity photo featuring a woman in a rainbow gown

The Rainbow Connection: Madeline lovingly draped herself in the rainbow fabric, symbolizing the hope and beauty of her rainbow baby that came out of the loss of Olivia.

Photo montage featuring four studio maternity shots of a woman in a sparkly bodysuit

Two maternity photos, one in color and one in black and white, of a smiling pregnant woman on her back.

Sparkles and Smiles: Madeline’s sparkly bodysuit glistened in the studio lights. I loved being able to edit in the ripples under these body shots.

A black and white studio family maternity photo montage featuring a man and a pregnant woman.

A Loving Embrace: Sterling wrapped his arms around Madeline during her family studio maternity session, cradling her gently and supporting her during a few shots together. These embraces were a reflection of the deep bond they have together.

Two color photos featuring a pregnant woman next to her teenage son. Her son is holding her baby bump.

Madeline & Isaiah: Isaiah joined Madeline for a few shots. The love and unity of their family were evident in every frame, a testament to the bond that would welcome their newest member.

Two black and white maternity photos featuring a pregnant woman in a floor-length black maternity gown.

This maternity session is a radiant celebration of the hope and joy that defines this remarkable next chapter in Madeline, Sterling, and Isaiah’s lives. It is an honor to be a part of Madeline’s journey, as her photographer and her friend.

Check out Madeline’s work here. To schedule your family-friendly maternity session, click here.


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