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Austin Newborn Photos | Heather, Preston, & Finley

Remember Heather from a few posts ago? How can you forget her? She’s a single mom with a strong connection to her own mom. She went through countless rounds of fertility treatments and IVF mostly on her own (though she had the support of Finley, her dog). These Austin newborn photos are super special. Not only do they feature a determined single mom and a pup, but the star of the show (Preston) finally made his special appearance.

mom green dress baby white outfit

Preston Ford’s Newborn Photos

Meet Preston Ford, the heaven-sent baby. Despite having worked her butt off to get pregnant with Preston, Heather didn’t take all the credit for his Earthside debut. She knows that her mom had a little to do with it, too.

mom baby butterflies

Heather is all about symbolism, and the artist in me loves that. If you’ll remember in her maternity photos, she included butterflies and the color purple as a nod to her mom, who had passed about five years before. The butterflies made a return in Preston’s photoshoot. However, Preston’s name itself is a reference to Heather’s mom.

black white mom baby

Preston Ford is named after a white vintage Ford car that his grandma used to own. She loved that car, though I have a feeling she would have loved this Ford a little more. Her mom had always dreamed that Heather was going to have a little boy.

A Walk On The Fuzzy Side

Heather is definitely an animal lover, and if Preston grows up to be anything like his mom, he will be, too. After all, it would be hard not to be in love with animals with a “sister” like Finley. Just look at that face!

baby mom dog

It’s also clear from these photos that Heather takes excellent care of both Preston. In fact, Heather even hired a sitter to take care of Finley during the newborn studio session. They live a little over an hour away, so it would have been inconvenient to just run her back to her house when we were done with including her in the photoshoot.

baby boy brown bear hat

But when Finley wasn’t around, we still had a little fuzzy cutie in the building! Preston got to play dress up for his newborn photos, posing as both a teddy bear and the cutest woodland fox you’ve ever seen.

baby fox costume

We also got to experiment with different textures during the woodland animal shots. I made sure to get a close-up of Preston’s little feet and hands next to the knit of the fox suit. It really brought out his teensy fingernails and toenails. And we were also able to get another take on his bear outfit. Whereas he looked like a hibernating cub in his first bear suit set, I personally think he looked like a little angel in this set:

sleeping baby deer hat

Austin Newborn Photos: Examining Color

A lot goes into a successful newborn session, and it doesn’t always have to do with the props. This is clear from Preston’s simpler shots. I took a couple of photos of Preston on plain backdrops, which brought out some of his finer features. This dusky blue complimented the color of skin so well, bringing out his cool undertones.

sleeping baby posed green blanket

Meanwhile, this beige photo set let me really focus on the textures in Preston’s hair and skin. He had the most beautiful, subtle curl on his temple, which the plainness of this background brought out.

sleeping baby beige blanket

Heaven-Sent From Hardships

sleeping baby moon stars white outfit

Preston Ford is one very loved little man. He was a dream that Heather had for years before he came to be. Other than Finley, Heather didn’t wait for anyone before pursuing a path to motherhood. She did her own pregnancy journey by herself (with a little support from friends and furry family, of course).

mom black shirt baby white wrap

And it wasn’t an easy journey. As you can see from the photo below, Heather had to go endure a lot to conceive her little guy. But in the end, it was all worth it.

sleeping baby heart bowl ivf needles

Preston Ford, you are so loved.

As always, thanks to Heather, Preston (and, of course, Finley) for sharing their stories during these Austin newborn photos.

Do you have a story to tell? I’d love to hear it!

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