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pregnant woman wearing a red dress with her husband

Studio Maternity Photography | Kelly & Dorando

The weather is getting cooler, so many of my maternity sessions are becoming studio maternity photography. I love getting to do sessions in my Cedar Park photography studio. Whereas outdoor photoshoots offer me the challenge and excitement of working with natural lighting, I have a ton of props to work with within my studio. Studio maternity photography also leans toward the glamorous, which better fits certain personalities — not everyone is an outdoorsy person!

pregnant woman wearing a red dress with her husband

In this photoshoot, Kelly & Dorando had fun expressing themselves only a few weeks before they get to meet their twins.

Elegant Studio Maternity Photography

This maternity session had many layers. On the surface, the couple and I focused on capturing the elegance of Kelly and her pregnancy. Kelly’s husband Dorando’s rose-patterned dress shirt and Kelly’s crimson maternity gown stood out on this dark grey background. This color combo is romantic and alluring, and I think that’s something Kelly wanted from her photos. But there was more to this elegant maternity photo session than meets the eye.

couples pregnancy photos with a red dress

Kelly and Dorando are a beautiful couple, obviously deeply in love. Throughout these pregnancy photos, I strove to capture their love for one another. The color coordination also spoke to this love. Red, white, and grey colors are symbolic of romance.

collage of maternity photos of a mom wearing a red dress

So, as well as looking classy as can be, the couple gave off some serious loving vibes. Their twins are lucky to be part of such a loving family!

Seeing Double

That’s right –Kelly is expecting twins.

pregnant woman wearing a red dress holding her belly

As a pregnancy photographer (and mother), I’ve seen a lot of baby bumps. So, when Kelly told me she’d be having twins (and booked her newborn session a few weeks after her due date), I was shocked. Kelly has a healthy, beautiful baby bump in her maternity pictures, but I would never have guessed she was going to have twins!

black and white studio maternity photo of a couple dressed up with a black backdrop

She and Dorando were over the moon about the news. Twins can be a handful, but they’re a blessing nonetheless. 

Black & White Baby Bump Photos

As well as taking elegant red, black, and grey maternity photos, I took black and white photos. Studio photography is well-suited for black & white portraits because of the ability to control the lighting and background. Kelly also chose maternity gowns that were well-suited for black and white photos. Dorando had a plain dress shirt which was also perfect for a black and white photoshoot.


studio maternity photos

The wonderful thing about the photos I took of Kelly in this white maternity gown was that it allowed for a range of different emotions within the photoshoot itself! The first photo in this series (with Dorando) was very intimate and romantic. In the same clothes, I was able to take a playful and joyous photo with Dorando’s orange dress shirt making these color photos pop.


black and white studio maternity photo

Kelly, though, was the star of the show. She looked stunning in every one of her portraits. This last one is a particular favorite of mine. I was able to play with the shadows and light in this shot and get her flowing maternity gown in the shot. But this shot is a lot more than just lighting and effects. The way Kelly looks hopefully upward in this photo — standing confidently and powerfully — sums up her personality to a T. 

I can’t wait to see her, Dorando, and their twins again soon!

No matter how many little ones you’re expecting in early 2022, I can promise you a maternity session you won’t forget. Click here to set up an appointment. 

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