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Cedar Park Maternity | Beth & Derris

One of my favorite things about being a maternity photographer is getting to hear my clients’ backstories. From their journeys to pregnancy to their stories about their other children, stories give me great context to help me tell the client’s story. When Beth and Derris came into my Cedar Park maternity studio, they came with their love written on their arms. They have known each other since they went to high school, and now they are expecting their first child together. I was so excited to get to capture this big moment in their lives.

Maternity Photo featuring a man in a grey shirt and khakis and a woman in a long, sky blue maternity gown covered in pearls. They are facing each other, and the man is holding the woman's stomach while kissing her on the forehead.

Without further ado, meet Beth & Derris!

Beth and Derris In The Cedar Park Maternity Studio

Beth and Derris came in to the Cedar Park maternity studio to work with me for couples and solo maternity photos. They had sparkling personalities and worked well with one another. We didn’t need a lot of frills or props for this session. A simple background was good enough to capture their charisma, connection, and beauty.

Cedar Park maternity studio photo featuring a man and a woman. The man is kneeling in front of the woman and staring at the camrea with his head on her pregnant belly while she looks down lovingly at him.

Derris was a very helpful partner to have in the studio. You’ll notice a few shots later on in the set where the train of Beth’s dress trails behind her: that was the work of Derris! He, like many of the “cast of supporting characters” in my maternity client stories took directions well, as you can see above and below. We were able to capture a few good shots that are not in my normal repertoire, such as the one above!

Cedar Park Maternity Studio photo featuring a man and a woman. The man is kissing the woman on the head and they are both holding her baby bump.

Delicate Spring Colors

I loved taking photos of this couple. However, the solo photos of Beth were something special. She, herself, is stunning — I cannot get over that beautiful dark brown hair! But what really made her solo maternity photos so special was how well she posed for them.

Maternity photos taken in a Cedar Park Maternity Studio featuring a woman with black hair standing in a side profile against a brown background. She is wearing a white and light green sheer maternity gown and holding her baby bump.

As well as giving off spring vibes, Beth’s maternity photos had an ethereal, fairy princess feel to them. Beth’s facial expressions, including her coy smile (like the Mona Lisa!) made her photos feel calm and serene, like she were walking out of an enchanted forest into my photo studio.

Maternity photo featuring a woman profiled to the side. She is wearing a sheer green and white dress and holding her baby bump.

Dramatic lighting and poses also helped with the feel of the session. We did a lot of top-down lighting, creating dramatic shadows and emphasizing her facial features, like her striking cheekbones and long eyelashes.

Side profile of a woman in a Cedar Park maternity studio. She is turned to the left side of the photo, looking up, and holding her hand to her head.

That lighting also brought out the textures in the dresses Beth picked for her session. Tulle and other sheer fabric are great additions to maternity wardrobes, because photographers and clients can capture movement with those fabrics, which makes the photo’s composition even more compelling.

Studio maternity photo of a woman in a sheer green and white maternity gown. She is facing toward the left of the photo, and the train of the gown is flowing behind her.

I had a lot of dresses with these fabrics in my wardrobe, but this blue dress below came to the studio with Beth. I loved it — it’s so elegant while also being a stand-out piece! Beth was kind enough to donate it to my client wardrobe. So, if you book your maternity session with me, you could get to wear this stunner of a maternity gown!  I adore how it looks almost like a raincloud, with the little pearls like raindrops. It’s unique to my closet and I can’t wait to see other clients in it!

Maternity photo featuring a woman in a sky blue maternity gown covered in pearls. She is looking toward the right of the photo and has one hand on her chest and one supporting her baby bump.

This gown was also wonderful for taking photos. It’s light coloration with those bright white pearls photographed well in color and in black and white.

Black and White Maternity Photos With Beth

Black and white cedar park maternity studio featuring a woman with long black hair in a frilly, light colored dress. She is facing toward the right of the photo, and light is shining on her face and belly.

Speaking of black and white… though I loved the full-color photos I took during Beth’s session, some of my favorites from this one were these close-up black and white maternity portraits. The ruffled tulle and shadow work in these make them really interesting to look at.

Close up, black-and-white portrait of a baby bump.

Black and white, when done right, can be just as interesting as full-color photos. Notice how in these photos your eyes are drawn to every dark and light portion of the photo, every crease, every crevice, and every texture. In the close-up portrait above, your eye is first drawn to the hand on Beth’s belly because of the lighting, then to the other elements of the photo.

Black and white maternity portrait featuring a woman in a light-colored, sheer maternity gown covered in pearls.

Whether black and white or color, Beth’s maternity session was gorgeous. It was lovely to meet this couple, and I am wishing them the best on this next journey in their relationship — parenthood!

Cedar park maternity portrait featuring and a woman. The woman has her back to him, leaning against his chest. They are both holding her baby bump.

Interested in wearing one of the dresses featured in Beth’s maternity photoshoot? Click here to check out my maternity client wardrobe. Then, let’s meet to discuss your maternity session at Hello Photography!

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