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Fun Photoshoot for Kids in Austin, Texas | Hello Photography

August 17, 2017

Time is flying by and Deacon and his buddies are changing every day. I wanted to capture these besties NOW, doing what they do best- acting silly, cracking jokes, and making as many fart noises as they possibly can. I wanted to do a fun photoshoot for kids and I was toying with a few different themes for this session but ultimately decided on the boats because, well… water. These kids LOVE to swim so it was a no brainer for me and their mommas! I ordered 3 of these wooden sailboats off Amazon.

boys playing in the creek 3 toddlers sitting on a rock

I found some simple, wooden sailboats on Amazon. They were the worst boats ever so I’m not even going to provide a link to them. Don’t bother buying them. They would float for a hot second and then topple over. It didn’t matter though! They didn’t care one bit. All they wanted to do was splash in the creek. They were having fun and there were no rules. Well, maybe one rule- don’t drink the water. But I’m pretty sure that happened too- shhh…. our little secret. 🙂

little boy playing in the water with a wooden sailboat

blonde toddler playing with a sailboat in a creek

Was it an easy session? HECK NO. These boys know me and I’ve been photographing all of them for a long time. Luckily, I know what really makes them giggle- poop talk. I heard more poop talk during that session than I ever care to hear. EVER AGAIN. It was exhausting but so worth it. This is exactly how I want to remember them- being silly, laughing, smiling, joking. Being boys.

3 boys splashing in the creek

Don’t be afraid to have some fun during your photo sessions. They don’t always have to be posed and formal.  Often times, when we let them be themselves we all benefit in the end. Smiling children… check. Making memories… check. Great photos for your home… check.  Everybody wins!


Jen Rizy is a professional photographer based in Austin, Texas.  She specializes in newborn, maternity, and family photography. Keep up with her on Instagram, Facebook, or her website.

If you’re interested in scheduling your own photoshoot with Jen, you can reach her HERE.


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