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Baby Photos | Baby Carter

If you’re like me and you’re never tired of seeing baby photos, then have I got the session for you! This newborn session was a classic in the sense that we didn’t have a set plan for a theme. Instead, we focused on baby and stuck with a neutral, natural palette of browns and greens. And what a focus he was! Baby Carter was such a little cutie and just a delight to have in my studio.

Baby photo featuring a newborn swaddled in olive green on an olive green background.

So, without further ado, here is the man of the hour!

Baby Photos With Carter & Fam

Meet Carter, this week’s newborn cutie. I just can’t get over this little guy — those bright eyes and curly toes were too sweet.

Close-up photo featuring a newborn baby's feet.

Carter’s parents, Kaitlyn and Steven, were maternity clients. It was a pleasant surprise that Steven and Kaitlyn booked a newborn photo session. They initially had just booked the maternity session, but after Steven saw all of the newborn photos on my wall, he was very excited about doing baby photos in the studio.

Family photo featuring a man and woman holding their newborn baby.

Steven is a gem of a dad — I’ve never seen a dad so giddy about newborn photos. It was really sweet, and his excitement about being a dad was definitely apparent in his portraits. We made sure to take several photos with just mom and dad, and several with the whole family.

Portrait of a man in a ribbed, beige shirt holding his newborn baby

Steven was so cute with baby Carter, always holding him gently and showing him off like a proud dad.

Close-up newborn baby photo of a swaddled baby being held by a man against his chest.

For both mom and dad (and their photos together), we took a number of photos to capture different perspectives and emotions. Closeups and portraits were taken in black and white and color, as you can see.

As well as doing solo photos with Steven, we also did some with Kaitlyn. She is such a stunning woman! I love how tender and loving she looks in these photos. She sure knows how to be a mom model!

Baby photo featuring a young woman holding a newborn baby to her cheek.

I was especially excited about the way that their family photos turned out. Since Steven was so enthusiastic about the baby photos, I wanted to give them a memorable family photo experience, as well. There’s nothing quite like the excitement of new parents in newborn photos!

newborn photo featuring a young man and woman holding their newborn baby

We also did black and white and color newborn family photos for Kaitlyn, Steven, and baby Carter. Most of my readers know that I enjoy shooting in both color and black and white because each portray different moods. Even for newborn photos, where the goal is to portray the joy of newborn babies, it’s good to portray a range of moods with the different photo types.

Black and white family photo featuring a young man and woman holding their newborn baby

How do you feel about the differences in these photos?

Color family portrait featuring a young family holding their newborn baby

Baby Carter’s Solo Photos!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a newborn photoshoot without some solo photos of baby Carter!

Full color photo of a newborn baby in the froggy pose

Because we didn’t have a super specific theme, we focused on special newborn poses. As you can see above, I broke out the froggy pose for this little cutie! I also did several close-up poses which focused on close-ups of Carter.

Close-up color portrait of a newborn baby resting on its hands. The baby's eyes are shut.

Little details you might not notice if you don’t take newborn photos is that I focus a lot on different framing to create variety among these photos. I have some photos where Carter is centered, like the froggy pose above and the shot below, and some where Carter is not in the center of the photo, like the one directly above.

Photo featuring a naked newborn baby sleeping on a beige background.

I also included different props, focusing on texture. The burlap fabric under this bowl, as well as the wool in the bowl, contrast the wood grain background in this photo below.

Newborn baby posed in a bowl. The baby is wearing a white knit onesie.

Plus, they sure make baby Carter look cute!

Color photo of a newborn baby propped up in a bucket. The baby is wrapped in a brown knit blanket.

A big thanks to Kaitlyn, Steven, and Carter for coming out to the Hello Photography studio!

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