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Family Photography | A Fun Maternity Session

Every job — even dream jobs like mine — has some little quirk about it that can make it hard to do sometimes. For me, one of those quirks is the need to make each photo unique, which can lead to “photographer’s block”. Luckily, even though I pose babies, kiddos, and families in similar ways every day of the week, I’m usually never bored with what I do! That was not the case with this family, as you will see. Looking for some Austin photography that showcases how unique every family is? Check out this family photography session with Sasha, Jay, and Maxwell.

Family photo montage with black and white and color photos featuring a man and a pregnant woman facing each other. The man is holding the woman's pregnant belly and kissing her.

Meet The Dabbing Crew!

Meet Sasha, Jay, and their son, Maxwell. This little family was about to get bigger at the time I took these photos. As you can see, they are making the most of their time with one another before their new family member makes an appearance. I love their dab, so I had to get a photo of it in both black and white and color.

This is probably one of the most fun and down-to-earth families I’ve had in the studio. They were just a pleasure to work with.

Family photo featuring a pregnant woman, man, and child doing a dabbing dance move.

Black and white family photo featuring a man, woman, and child dabbing (dance move)

Sasha’s outfit was a standout maternity outfit for me. I love maternity gowns, and I keep growing my client maternity dress closet to accommodate a range of client personalities. But maternity gowns aren’t for everyone, and Sasha was one of those clients who didn’t quite resonate with wearing a maternity gown for her session.

Series of color maternity photos featuring a woman in a green suit and white lace bralette with her baby bump profiled

I was so pleased with the way this suit looked photographed! It was trendy, but also gave a sort of timeless look. The color was gorgeous, so we got a ton of pictures in color, but we also got several in black and white. For visual interest, we did a few shots of Sasha posed with her jacket over her shoulder. It made her look like she meant business (because she does!)

Taking photos in both black and white and color were perfect for this family’s Austin photography session, because it allowed me to highlight textures. One thing I noticed that others may not have seen that Sasha matched Jay and Maxwell’s shirt textures! It’s the little details that really can make a difference.

Why Assistants Are Important to Family Photography

Sasha had a ton of ideas, and I was happy to help make those a reality. I’m only one person, and while I can be photographer and photographer’s assistant, it’s a lot easier if I have an assistant. When the partners of my maternity clients, like Jay, put in extra effort, it makes the experience so much easier – and more special. It shows your partner you care about them, which is super romantic. Jay was such a good assistant that I actually offered to keep him on full time!

Set of four black and white maternity photos featuring a pregnant woman holding her baby bump

But it wasn’t just Jay’s willingness to go the extra mile, Sasha’s suit, or even the attention to details they all played that made this Austin photography so special. If the look in Maxwell’s eyes tell you anything, it’s that this family has a really special relationship, built on having fun and spending time with one another. It made for a joyful time in the studio.

Series of black and white and color family photos featuring a little boy hugging his pregnant mother

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