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Maternity Pictures: When Is The Best Time To Schedule?

Moms-to-be have a lot on their plates. As someone who’s been there before: It sounds exhausting, but really, it’s an amazing time — and pregnant mamas should enjoy every minute of it. That’s why planning your maternity pictures early will help with your busy schedule and give you something to look forward to. Revel in the glory of the bump!

If you’re newly pregnant or planning to become pregnant, here is a little guide featuring things you can do to prep for an easy, carefree maternity photo session. Most Austin maternity photographers, like me, want to make it as easy for their clients as possible, so you won’t have too much to do other than schedule your time and plan to look amazing!

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Get In The Know About Maternity Photos

The most important thing you can do during the first two months of your pregnancy is figure out your pregnancy game plan. This will help you feel your best later on down the road. It will also ensure you establish a relationship with your doctor regarding your pregnancy. Ultimately, your doctor provides you with the best scheduling planning tool — your approximate due date.

Once you know your due date, sit tight and relax for a few months on the photography front. Focus on settling into your new routine.

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Research + Book Maternity Photographers

By month three, it’s starting to feel like the new norm, but it’s still exciting. Now that you’ve had your initial appointments and are on familiar footing when it comes to your new norm, it’s time to start researching and booking maternity photographers.

At this stage in the maternity picture session planning, you’re going to want to think about greater artistic questions as well as “brass tacks.” Some things to consider:

  • What is your budget?
  • Where will you be taking your maternity portraits? Will you travel or look locally?
  • Are there any qualities or specialties you are looking for from your photographer?

As you mull over these “brass tacks” questions, make a list of maternity photographers whose work you like. Narrow them down to the magic photographer and make your appointment. Ideally, you’ll want to book your session during your second trimester for sometime in your third trimester.

Make A Maternity Pictures Mood Board 

Now comes the most fun part (in my opinion): planning what you want from your maternity session. After all, it’s all about you! You don’t necessarily have to make a mood board, per se, but envision what your ideal maternity portrait would look like. Some questions to consider:

  • Do you want to take your maternity portraits inside or outside?
  • Do you have a specific theme you’d like to incorporate?
  • What do you want to be wearing in your maternity photos? Are you opting for a traditional maternity gown? I offer plenty of options to my clients from my client closet
  • Who will be in your maternity photos? Will it just be you, or will you include your partner, children, pets, etc.?
  • If outside, where specifically do you want to take your photos?

Don’t be afraid to think out of the ordinary. Photographers love thinking outside the box!

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Game Plan With Your Photographer

Closer to your date, your photographer will work with you to establish a game plan for the day of. They might ask you to meet in person to look at their selection of maternity gowns, or they may want to come up with a date and time to meet for the photos. The goal here is to find a time that works best for you, and your maternity photographer should be receptive to this.

Once you’re scheduled, all you do is wait for your day!

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The Day Of Your Maternity Pictures

Be sure to go over the list of things you’ll need to bring to your maternity session. Usually, that’s just yourself and any outfits not provided by your photographer. During the session, your photographer will walk you through poses to capture your best baby bump angles. You can expect to wait between a week or two for your photographer to process your photos before you get them back.

Hopefully, once you get your pictures back, you feel just as beautiful as you look. Our goal as maternity photographers is to capture the glow, excitement, and beauty of your pregnancy.

And if you’re worried about whether or not you’ll look good in your pictures — don’t be. I’ve never met a mama that wasn’t beautiful.

A pregnant woman wearing a purple lace dress at sunset.

If you’re in the process of planning your maternity pictures, let’s chat. I’d love to be part of your pregnancy journey!

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