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pregnant couple cultural outfits

Couple Maternity Photoshoot Ideas | Arielle and Uzziah

In other posts, I’ve talked about rockstar pregnancy partners. The ones that go above and beyond for their pregnant loved ones — helping them out on the set of their maternity session, working with them on theme ideas, and even wrangling their other kiddos so mom can be the focus of the photos. Uzziah took it one step further. He was the one to reach out to me, plan, and book the session. He wanted to take the stress off Arielle’s shoulders during the last few months of her pregnancy, which, honestly, is such a nice idea. He had a Pinterest board planned for them, and so many ideas for us to work with on the day. So, look no further if you’re looking for couple maternity photoshoot ideas. I promise you’ll love these.

pregnant couple cultural outfits

Meet Arielle & Uzziah

Arielle & Uzziah were the focus of this maternity photo session. When planning with Uzziah, he mentioned they wanted classic, timeless images that were clean & crisp. So, we stuck with plain but bold backdrops, and I did a lot of black and white photos to compliment their extremely thoughtful outfits.

white maternity dress black suit

Arielle & Uzziah’s outfits were so well thought-out. They had some very simple, classic formalwear and semi-traditional cultural outfits. For both, Arielle sewed religious tassels at the bottom hems of her dresses and his suits and tunics. This was a hint of personalization that I don’t always see with maternity dresses (and other outfits), and I thought it was really cool! Plus, the very subtle blue fringe on Arielle’s dress was gorgeous in contrast to the black and gold.

couple maternity photoshoot ideas cultural outfits

I encourage my clients to find ways to make their maternity or newborn sessions more personal. This was a great example of one way to do that! Not only did Arielle incorporate something culturally personal to her and Uzziah, but she also showed off her sewing skills.

black maternity dress

Couple Maternity Photoshoot Ideas — Classic Black & White

Sticking with what works is also an option, and black & white maternity photography always works! Black & white focuses on shadows and highlights, as well as contrast. It’s an excellent way to bring out facial features (like eyes and smiles) and emphasize the baby bump.

couple maternity photoshoot silhouette

The silhouette shot above, for instance, highlights Arielle’s stomach well because of the contrast between the white background and the darker shadow on her dress. However, I also utilized the lighting to show off their faces in the shot. The result? Your eye is drawn first to her baby bump and then to their faces.

couple maternity photoshoot ideas black outfits couple maternity photoshoot ideas white maternity dress black suit

They were such a beautiful couple to work with. As the maternity photographer, I had to carefully consider how to pose them for shots, how to incorporate lighting in those shots, and more to craft the perfect maternity photos. However, Uzziah’s commitment to creating the perfect maternity session for his sweetheart was wonderful all around. It allowed Arielle’s maternity session to be low-key and fun for her while also saving me some planning! I cannot thank the two of them enough for this session.

white maternity dress black suit

Wishing them the best of luck in their first few months of parenthood — and hopefully, I’ll get to see their little one in the very near future!

Are you like Uzziah, that is, planning a maternity session for the person you love in your life? Let’s plan together. I’m happy to help make this happen!

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