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Newborn Photoshoot | Baby Nathaniel

Get ready for cute! This newborn photoshoot was so much fun to work on. I love taking photos of families, but I typically work with the adults and the very littlest ones. Nathaniel’s photos included mom, dad, and his older sister to boot! Working with kids above the age one is a treat I don’t get to include all the time. But when I do, it’s always fun — and it always makes for some of the cutest photos. Heres’ a peek into Nathaniel’s newborn photoshoot.

Newborn Photoshoot: Meet Baby Nathaniel!

Oh Mr. Nathaniel, where to begin? The cheeks? That adorable squishy face? Like all newborns, there was a lot of cute going on. But one of my favorite things to emphasize in his photos was his full head of strawberry blonde hair. Although it may look dark in some photos, there’s no denying that Nathaniel might have inherited his mom’s hair gene. Many newborns are born with one hair color and grow into another (even late into their childhood!) But for now, Nathaniel has some striking hair.

He also graced us with some eyes wide open photos! At this stage in infancy, babies may also have a different eye color than the color they will have when they are older. They also are still developing their sight! It’s an exciting time for infant development. Regardless of what those sweet eyes are looking at, he looks pretty happy to be holding those dinosaurs.

The Whole Family!

Baby Nathaniel was joined by his mom, dad, and older sister. Boy was she cute — she loved posing with Nathaniel, and she was so gentle when it came to my direction.

Most parents are usually very good about teaching their older kiddos how to safely interact with their younger siblings. Nathaniel’s sister obviously knew how to interact with him. However, I like to take newborn safety one step further during my sessions.

I always make sure that no matter who is holding the littlest member of the photoshoot, that little one is supported. Parents know how to do this, but I often use bolsters when little kiddos are doing the holding.

Newborn Photoshoot: Love You To The Moon & Back

Returners to my blog know how much I absolutely adore my moon prop. It really makes for such a snuggly shoot, regardless of your theme. I even played around with some sky imagery during edits, which is a lot of fun. Digital photography is a whole new, fun way of portraying newborn photography, and I’m always glad when families let me add in some post-edit elements. Baby Nathaniel’s photoshoot didn’t have a set theme, but we made sure to include a few moon prop photos, which complimented these sleepy poses.

Of course, Nathaniel slept throughout most of the photoshoot. But that didn’t mean it wasn’t lively! His family loved showing him off, snuggling with him, and being a part of the process. It was a lot of fun working with them during his newborn session, and I love how these photos came out.

Wishing this sweet family all the best as they embark on Nathaniel’s first few steps into childhood.

What types of newborn sessions do you want to see in the future? What sort of props do you want for your newborn’s photos? Let me know by writing in.

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