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May 12, 2021

It’s always fun when I get to incorporate family props into newborn photoshoots. During her pregnancy, my client Kate (pictured below) used a large wolf plush as a body pillow. Body pillows during pregnancy can be a godsend. They help support the changing body, providing pressure point comfort during the night. And as most mommas know, sleep is key to a comfortable pregnancy. Luckily, this wolf made the cutest prop ever for baby Leo’s newborn photos. I was able to craft a unique, nature-themed studio session — with a Where The Wild Things Are type photoshoot tied in.

newborn baby photo collage where the wild things are

Where The Wild Things Are Photoshoot

Kate and Ken are such a cute couple, and I loved that they gave me a pretty open-ended theme to work with. Baby Leo’s nursery is woodland-themed, so they were keen on the idea of incorporating the woods, woodland creatures, and nature into his newborn session. I love taking a walk on the wild side, so I was all about it.

newborn baby wearing a bear hat where the wild things are

Leo’s bear hat was one of the specific requests Kate and Ken had. The hat had a lovely texture that worked well with Leo’s sweet complexion. Paired with a chunky knit blanket and a few other brown props, Leo looked snug as a bug in these newborn photos. Warm browns work well with newborn boy and newborn girl photo shoots, and they’re great for any season.

wrapped baby laying on a stuffed wolf where the wild things are

Baby Leo also looked completely at home next to his mom’s wolf, like he was part of the pack. Just look at how peacefully he’s resting next to him! This Where The Wild Things Are photoshoot was a lot more docile than a lot of others with the same theme.

collage of naked newborn posed photos

Luckily for everyone, Leo was peaceful and quiet as can be throughout his newborn studio session. He was so easy to work with, and honestly slept through most of the session! This can be super helpful, as it means fewer diaper changes, feeding changes, and soothing breaks, which ultimately means more photo time. Little Leo was so easy to work with that he really let me get some beautiful minimalist shots, like the ones above. When we weren’t covering the woodland them, we were all about photo texture and shading!

Family Photos

I personally love how Kate, Ken, and Leo’s family photos came out. He was so relaxed in mom and dad’s arms that it was hard to imagine he had been part of their day-to-day lives for only a few weeks! Here is Leo, all snug in his dad’s arms.

black and white father and son photos

Mom and dad’s black outfits made this part of the newborn session all about contrast. Baby Leo looked so natural cradled in mom’s arms. Kate’s eyes looked absolutely stunning in the studio session, and these black and white photos really brought out their brilliance.

black and white mother son photos

Of course, they all looked perfect in color, too. Kate and Ken radiated love for one another and their son. The collage below is a personal favorite, because all the photos really looked as thought they belonged together. I hope they get some of these framed as a set!

collage of family photos with new baby

Emphasizing Family

Something I  enjoyed about this newborn session is how well it emphasized family and togetherness.

black and white family photos

Newborns always take the spotlight in their photos, because how can’t they?

It’s supposed to be all about them, and it’s hard to resist taking shots of their sleepy eyes, sweet cheeks, little fingers and toes. But when you manage to get a session like this where you connect the theme and the family so well, it really makes a huge difference.

black and white newborn photos

Sometimes, it can be hard to tie all family requests together. As well as a woodland theme, Kate and Ken also really wanted Leo to wear a bow tie. They LOVED my selection of tiny baby beds (who doesn’t?) and we all really wanted to use my new moon prop. Not every newborn photo session needs a theme, but sometimes without one I can feel lost.

Luckily, Ken, Kate, and Leo were the string that tied the whole studio session together.

A little Where The Wild Things Are. A little classic newborn portrait. A whole lot of love.

Thinking About A Where The Wild Things Are Photoshoot?

I love tying nature and animals into my newborn photography and maternity photography. If you’ve got ideas, I’d love to hear about them.


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