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pregnant woman wearing a pink tulle dress laying on the ground

Studio Maternity Photography | Jeannine

You know the feeling you get when you open up presents on your birthday? That’s kind of how I feel when I get new props in for my studio maternity photography. I try to update my props quite often, but I spend a little less time updating my maternity wardrobe than I should. Recently, that changed. Jeannine was the first person to try out this new dress I ordered for my studio. In my opinion, she looked absolutely stunning in it.

pregnant woman wearing a pink tulle dress laying on the ground

Jeannine was a go-getter who had aspirations for her maternity session. Thankfully, they were completely doable ideas that we managed to pull off in my little Cedar Park photography studio. Below are some of the looks Jeannine and I collaborated on for her studio maternity session. Great minds don’t just think alike — they work together to create beautiful things. 

Jeannine & Isaiah In The Spotlight

silhouette photo of a pregnant couple

Meet Jeannine and her partner Isaiah. They’re such a lovely couple, and they took beautiful pictures together. Isaiah, like many of the dads I work with, was delightful during the photo session. Not only was he receptive to the pose ideas I threw out, but he was super supportive of Jeannine throughout the session. It’s clear from these maternity photos that they’re smitten with one another.

pregnancy photos in the studio

High-Contrast Maternity Photos

Jeannine had quite a few ideas for her maternity studio photography, and one of the color schemes we worked with was black and white. Jeannine worked a variety of black and white looks in this session, from a dreamy, flowy white robe look to the more modern black leotard featured above.

pregnant woman wearing a black dress with fabric flowing behind her

I also worked a lot with shadows and highlights in her session, focusing on contrast and bringing out the belly bump we all love to see in maternity photos. I thought this black, flowy maternity dress worked wonderfully to achieve high contrast.

Inspired Studio Maternity Photography

One of the things I loved about Jeannine’s studio maternity session was how much inspiration research she put into her session beforehand! I like to consider myself creative and can find a way to bring out a person’s personality in their photoshoot, regardless of how much or how little inspiration they give me beforehand.

Jeannine sent me a ton of inspo pics before her session, which helped me figure out the best props, lighting, and backgrounds to use for it.

maternity photos with a pink tulle dress

Jeannine’s photos included a lot of flowy white fabric and pampas grass in vases. I made sure to include the flowy white fabric, as I had a ton of it on hand, and I know how magical it can make a studio session look. But the pampas grass also intrigued me — I had never thought to use it in my studio!

So, I ended up purchasing some for my studio and plan to use them in future photoshoots. It also inspired me to get this dress. I think this was easily the nicest surprise of the whole photoshoot.

pregnant woman wearing a pink tulle dress holding her belly

This dress was a brand-new addition to my maternity gown collection when Jeannine arrived at the studio. She didn’t know that I had it before she arrived, and she fell in love with it when she came for her session. It was for a good reason, too. She looked like a goddess wearing it, and it went so well with the mocha-colored background we shot so many of her maternity photos on. This is the first frilly addition I’ve added to my maternity dress collection. I like to think Jeannine’s pampas grass inspo photos inspired them.

Thanks to Jeannine and Isaiah for their help during the shoot! I can’t wait to see their little one in the very near future.

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My schedule is almost completely booked for the rest of the year. I feel so thankful to everyone who has decided to include me in their maternity and newborn journeys! Now is the time to start booking for next year. If you have a January, February, or March due date, please reach out to me to schedule your studio session now.

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