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baby sleeping in a green dinosaur costume

Newborn Halloween Photos: Tips & Tricks

Halloween is almost here! You’re probably excited about the upcoming fall and winter holidays if you’ve just been blessed with a newborn. Dressing up in costumes and matching outfits for Halloween can be a fun way to connect with your baby and help you settle into a new norm. It’s totally fine to dress your family up for photos without an occasion. However, using holidays and occasion markers to plan memorable events around can help you plan. Here are a few tips and tricks for taking excellent Halloween (or themed!) photos with your baby.

baby girl sleeping in a bowl surrounded by mini pumpkins

Don’t Worry About An In-Depth Costume

Perhaps you’ve noticed a theme with your baby’s clothing; your newborn rarely wears the same set of clothes for too long. That’s because with babies — spit happens. And food. And so many other unpleasant things. It’s not baby’s fault. After all, they’re getting used to life in the “real world.” But that does limit a baby’s fashion sense, especially regarding costumes.

For Halloween, don’t worry about going too in-depth with a costume. Work with newborn needs when creating that Halloween sense of wonder during your photo session. Animal costumes are always a good option because so many comfortable newborn jammies are made to look like animals. You may also incorporate elements like a cap (great for putting little bear or fox ears on) or newborn mits (paws, anyone?) so that baby is comfortable while in costume.

baby fox costume

Plan Ahead & Consider Working With A Newborn Photographer

Things like spit-ups and blowouts happen, but they can be unpredictable! And there are other things that parents can prepare for when it comes to planning something in-depth, like a session. The ultimate mindfulness with any baby photography session will always be to consider their comfort. This is where a newborn photographer like myself can help!

We don’t just think about what props and backdrops we intend to use. We actively plan each shot so that we can transition easily from one pose to another without upsetting your newborn. I even work in time for feeding and diaper changes! Parents shouldn’t feel out of their element if planning like that seems unnatural. Planning complete sets is a literal job I do daily — it’s not something that should come naturally, and that is why newborn photographers are here to help!

baby sleeping in a dinosaur egg baby sleeping in a green dinosaur costume

Think About Your Photo Themes

If baby isn’t into dressing up, you can work with themes to create a Halloween feel in your pictures! Instead of dressing your newborn up as an astronaut, you may prefer to work with a newborn photographer to pose them carefully and put them in a space-themed, woodland, or another make-believe setting.

Some parents are super into Halloween, and newborn photos are also a great time to incorporate more traditional Halloween imagery on your set (Jack-O-Lanterns, Scarecrows, etc.) Newborns are less likely to be afraid of Halloween themes and props at that age, so if you feel like you need a spooky-themed photoshoot, newborns are the best to do this with!

baby wearing white outfit laying in a space scene baby sleeping in a spaceship

Don’t Expect Complete Perfection From Halloween Newborn Photos

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of creating the ‘perfect’ family photoshoot. Even on my blog, I showcase the best-of photos I end up taking. So, I always start by reminding my clients that things like soiled outfits, fussy babies, and last-minute set changes might happen! Most newborns I photograph throw myself and their parents at least one curveball during their sessions. It’s perfectly normal.

Ultimately, I promise that no matter how frustrating or unexpected putting together a themed baby photoshoot was, the results are always perfect in their own way.


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