I picked my son, Deacon, up from school one day after a long weekend with his dad.  There he was, in the school cafeteria in a t-shirt and khaki shorts with a fresh new haircut and another missing tooth.  I swear he had grown 2 inches since I last saw him 5 days earlier and […]

This is a public service announcement! Get in the pictures with your kiddos and often. Things happen, life happens. Your kids are changing every single day. Today, my 4-year-old unbuckled his own seat belt and got himself out of the truck and closed the door. He says, “that’s what big boys do.” WHAT? Wait a […]

Time is flying by and Deacon and his buddies are changing every day. I wanted to capture these besties NOW, doing what they do best- acting silly, cracking jokes, and making as many fart noises as they possibly can. I was toying with a few different themes for this session but ultimately decided on the […]

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