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pregnant woman laying down pink fluffy dress

Boudoir Maternity Session | Sade

Not all moms-to-be have a plan for their maternity photos. Even so, when they do have plans for their photos, not many opt for a boudoir maternity session. I love getting the opportunity to support healthy pregnancy body image, and I truly believe that boudoir photos can help people during their pregnancy! Sade (and her partner Abraham) were totally on board, and we took some beautiful shots together. Here’s a little peak at their maternity photography session.

black and white pregnant woman

Meet Sade & Abraham

What a gorgeous couple these two were! I really enjoyed getting to know them a little better during their studio maternity session. We did several different types of photos, including some in full-color and some in black and white.

pink tulle dress brown background

The ruffled taupe maternity dress, a relative newcomer to my maternity wardrobe, has been a big hit recently with Hello Photography clients. Although a few other sessions already posted to my blog have included a shot like the one below, Sade was actually the first of my clients to do this shot in this maternity gown!

pregnant woman laying down pink fluffy dress

Here’s how I was able to take this photo:

Normally, for a photo like this, a maternity photographer would break out a big ladder and climb to the top of it to take this shot. Luckily for me, my studio has a loft/balcony area that I can shoot from. So, I head up there to take these photos. I imagine there are lots more in store for me and the Hello Photography clientele down the line!

pink fluffy dress on brown background

A Boudoir Maternity Session With Outside Inspiration

Something any artist will tell you is all artists are constantly inspiring one another. It’s how we got into art in the first place, after all! A lot of us try to pay homage to the artists we love in our work. One of those artists, for me, is Lola Melani — a maternity photographer based out of NYC.

pregnant woman blue ombre fabric white background

Lola Melani does a lot with ombres in her maternity portraits, which is something I wanted to try out. To achieve this look, we took a piece of blue and white ombre fabric and stretched it across Sade’s front until we could see her baby bump. Then, Abraham would throw the fabric to achieve that floating look. They way it looks against the stark, white background is incredible! I was so pleased with the way they turned out.

Black and White Boudoir Maternity

Boudoir photos can be intimate in both black and white and color. However, there’s something about black and white boudoir sessions that I really love. Since boudoir is really about highlighting the body, the high contrast of boudoir photography highlights the natural curves of pregnancy in a really unique way. Sade was stunning in all her photos, but I especially loved these black and white pictures.

black and white sheer fabric pregnant woman

In several of these photos, we used a sheer piece of fabric to provide a little mystery and texture to the photos. I like to think that this photo (above) feels almost like a veil over her baby bump.

nude maternity photos black white

And it’s hard to not love the black and white photo of Sade and Abraham together. This sort of intimacy is very relevant to boudoir photos. Although boudoir doesn’t have to be “sexy”, many boudoir photos are. Sade and Abraham look very connected in this photo.

black and white sheer fabric pregnant woman

Sade’s boudoir session was a testament to the fact that maternity sessions can be as dynamic as you want — we were able to get a variety of modern black and white shots, farmhouse-style color shots, and a lot more in her session. And in the end it was hard for me to pick a favorite from this session!

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