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Baby wearing green knit romper sleeping on her back laying on green floral pillow with green floral bow on her head

Austin Photography | Baby Carina

As an Austin photographer, I’ve noticed that all families are different regarding their newborn photo requests! It’s one of my great joys. I love being able to showcase family personality during their sessions. I’ve worked with Austin photography families who want a lot of glitz and glamor during their baby’s photoshoot. There are also the “Keep Austin Weird” families who like to add some eccentricity to their photoshoots: things like family heirlooms you may not have thought of, or out-of-the-ordinary settings. Some like traditional color themes, while others want to mix it up. I also get families like Jillian & Chase’s little family — who want cozy shots with no excess posing.

Baby wearing green knit romper sleeping on her back laying on green floral pillow with green floral bow on her head

We got quite a few super adorable cozy photos during this session. But I’ll let you be the judge!

Meet Carina’s Family

The family I’m showcasing today is Jillian, Chase, and their little daughter, Carina. This was a baby-only session, and boy, was Carina cute. I can’t get over how impressive her cheeks were!

Baby sleeping holding a gray teddy bear wearing a sage green knit romper while laying in a brown bowl with a green floral pillow

Jillian & Chase were after those cozy-looking fall shots that many families want. They also requested that we steer clear of anything too obviously posed. (Think naked baby bums in the air, froggy pose). So, we worked a lot with props and backgrounds to create the scenery for this little one.

Newborn baby sleeping in turquoise baby bed with flowers

Carina was too cute in this floral headband, and I particularly enjoyed how these shots with the mini bed and lavender sprigs came out. The lavender hues complimented her complexion, and I love how they enhanced her rosy toes and feet.

sleeping newborn in various posed positions using props and blankets

I also wanted to ensure we got a few shots of Carina in black and white. Not only do black and white newborn photos look great framed on a wall, but they also transform the feel of a session. Carina’s color photos emphasized a natural setting and brought out fall vibes. But her black and white photos took the coziness of her photoshoot to a whole new level.

Baby giving the middle finger while sleeping in a brown bowl surrounded by greenery But there is something to be said about these color photos. The greens against the natural wood-printed background gave the pictures a lot of texture and helped contrast baby Carina’s delicate features.

Wide-Eyed Austin Photography

Getting to see your newborn wide awake is a treat. They sleep so much that when they open their eyes, and you get to see the light and wonder in them, you want that moment to last forever. That’s why wide-eyed newborn photography is so popular. Jillian & Chase were not the only parents I’ve worked with who specifically requested open-eye photos. Carina worked with us on this shot, and I love how it came out! She looks so cute and sleepy here.

Baby laying on a green blanket with a green headband while awake and eyes are open

As much as the family wanted several wide-eyed shots, Baby Carina was not having it! Open eyes during newborn photos are a pretty rare occurrence. Most newborns sleep between 14-19 hours per day and are only awake for half an hour to an hour or so every few hours to feed.

newborn baby laying on green background with green headband or outfit on while sound asleep

But Carina’s wide-awake photos and her snuggly, sleepy photos are memory-worthy. Hopefully, Jillian and Chase will enjoy these photos now and in the future when their little one isn’t so little.


Thanks to Jillian, Chase, and sleepy Miss Carina for working with me in my Cedar Park studio. If you would like to schedule your own Austin photography, please click here.

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