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Austin Baby Photographer | Callum

For this session, I welcomed back a family I’ve done a lot of work with! I did this mama’s maternity session for her first son (who you’ll get to meet), and many other sessions afterward. It’s been such a great journey watching them all grow — from new motherhood to new brotherhood. It’s one of my favorite parts of being an Austin baby photographer. Now, I get to introduce the newest member of their family: Callum!

Fair skinned baby on navy blue Jersey knit background wearing blue knit outfit

Meet Callum!

What a sweetie. Callum came to the studio with mom Katie, dad Jack, and his brother James. I know that I mentioned I had been working with this family for a while, but if see pictures of James you can get a better idea of just how long I’ve known this fam!

Photo montage of fair skinned newborn and older brother on white and gray backgrounds

James is now a big brother, and he was too cute during Callum’s session. I always like to make sure that big siblings get a little bit of air time if they’re at their sib’s newborn photo session. Going from mom and Dad’s only to another little love in the lineup can be a big transition for little ones. Including them in newborn photos is one way to reassure them that they are still a super important part of the family!

A Focus On Baby Callum

Series of four black and white photos of family consisting of father, toddler, newborn, and mother

Mom and dad were just as excited to be part of the lineup, and spent lots of time hanging out with Callum in his baby photos. Although this was Callum’s newborn session, family portraits were important to them, so we made sure that there was a focus on family throughout the section. But that didn’t mean Callum wasn’t front-row center.

Two color photos next to one another. Each photo contains a father, toddler, newborn, and mother.

There are several ways Austin baby photographers may try to focus on a single point in a picture (like a newborn baby!) The photos above display some of the more subtle methods well. In the left photo, I used light to highlight baby Callum in his mom’s arms. Additionally, I caught his big brother looking at him, so that attention was drawn to him through action. In the right photo, James is kissing baby Callum, which also works to draw attention to him.

Black and white image of a young family, with a mother, toddler, and newborn.

Of course, one of the best ways to draw attention to a subject is to put that subject smack dab in the center of a photo — which I did whenever I could!

Newborn Portraits By An Austin Baby Photographer

I love being an Austin baby photographer! Everything from their fresh little faces to their families. Mr. Callum was cute as a button, and I got to practice a range of color and black and white photography during his photo session.

Color newborn photo montage containing newborn, father, young brother, and mom

Callum’s family didn’t have a set theme. But they did work with subtle wardrobe blues and grays, which made both black and white and color photos come out great.

Two black and white newborn photos of a fair skinned baby. Photo on the left is a newborn in a heart shaped bowl holding a small teddy bear. Photo on the right is a newborn laying on a Jersey knit background wearing a cable knit outfit.

For the black and white photos, I spent a lot of time playing with texture. In the right photo above, you can see how texture makes a huge difference! The smooth knit Jersey fabric of the foreground and the background contrasts with the rough (but soft) knit of Callum’s wrap.  In photos like the left one above, the shadows from the position of the studio lights and other props brought out his fair features.

Austin newborn photo montage of a fair skinned newborn in blue knit clothing.

We worked with contrast in the color photos, too — as you can see! Lighting and contrast still played a role in distinguishing blues from one another. And the darkness of the blue complements the lightness of Callum’s face, so you are instantly drawn to his face, hands, and feet in the photos.

Callum was so cute, and it was such an honor to continue working with this beautiful family.

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