I blinked and suddenly my kid turned 4! He’s coloring in the lines, writing his name, and even doing (very simple) math problems.  He is also one handsome fella! He knows how to work it too. He’ll smile at me and tilt his little head to the side at just the right moment and my heart just melts.

Don’t be fooled… this kid is a total clown! I really wanted to capture all of that in his birthday pictures.  Of course, I love a good posed, smiley picture but my goal here was to let his personality shine. He’s recently discovered all of the funny noises his body can make so he’s been letting out burps and farts any time he feels like it.  And he tells the entire world about it! Those poor college students on campus got an earful the other night.

Deacon’s sole mission in life is avoid every photo I try to take.   My strategy? I talk about poop.  Gross I know, but, he LOVES to tell me all about it.  So it’s a win for us both.  He’s allowed to use potty talk outside of the bathroom and I get some pretty goofy, smiley photos.  Hashtag: winning.

This guy LOVES to dance.  His signature move is “shakin’ my booty” which involves a cross between a twerk and a hip gyration. I know he didn’t get that one from me! Here he is strutting his stuff on the UT campus…

I’m excited that he’s learning and growing but I really wish we could freeze time right here… The stage where he’s still asking me for snuggles and wanting daddy to sing him Alan Jackson’s “Neon Rainbow” at night before he falls asleep.

Just a side note: Don’t give your kid a fluffernutter sandwich before you want to take his pictures.  Because no matter how clean you think you get them, there will still be fluff everywhere.  HOW DO YOU GET FLUFF IN YOUR EAR? I will always wonder how that happened.